Briefing on data access in the DSA

On 13 March 2024, 16:30-18:00 CET, Women in AI Austria hosted a panel discussion with Jennifer Adams (Comms Policy Collaborative at University of Vienna), Susanne Lackner (KommAustria), Thomas Lohninger ( and EDRi), and Rania Wazir ( and Women in AI Austria), moderated by Ana María Jaramillo (Complexity Science Hub Vienna). Natalie Ségur-Cabanac provided an introduction to the provisions of the DSA to allow the audience to follow the contributions. During the discussion, the panellists shared their perspective on and experiences with data access in the context of the DSA, the importance of data access for informing regulatory responses, and why collaboration is key to making data access an effective tool for monitoring the effects of algorithmic systems.

In this briefing, we provide a short recap of some of the themes discussed during the event as well
as a background note to situate the discussion.


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