Background Briefing on Open Source AI

On 10 November 2023, 17:30-18:30 CET, Women in AI Austria will host a panel discussion with Zuzanna Warsow (Open Future), Jeannette Gorzala (European AI Forum, AI Austria) and Alexander Baratsits (Creative Commons Austria, to go deeper into the challenges and opportunities of open source AI.1 The discussion will centre around the three themes of current regulatory developments around open source AI, the challenges around open washing, and finally, some best practices and positive outlooks for this developing field.
In this briefing, we will sketch some of the central themes of open source AI systems and attempt to roughly characterise a broad field marked by a variety of debates. Rather than define what open source AI is, we will try to show how open source AI relates to particular kinds of issues, concerns, movements and values. This briefing will be finalised and re-published after the event with the inputs provided in the course of through the discussion.

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